Tuesday, 14 January 2014

How to get super soft feet while you sleep

Hey everyone !
Indulge your feet with the following treat once a week and they'll always be soft and smooth !

1. Rub your feet with a layer of rich fruit lotion. If you prefer, you can make your oen by mixing 60ml ( 1/4 cup ) olive oil, 60ml ( 1/4 cup ) single cream and 20ml ( 1 tbsp ) mayonnaise. I haven't tried this recipie but found it in a magazine for you people . Anyways I like to use my ForestEssentials lotion.

2. Pull on a pair of socks and head for bed.

3. Wash off the cream in the morning to reveal beautifully soft footsies. Don't forget to put the socks in the wash !!! 

And there you go ! You're done !!!

Thanks for reading my blog !!!
~Prisha <3

Friday, 3 January 2014

Quickly smooth away dry hands

Hi there !
Winters are sometimes fun but dry hands ruin the fun :(
To keep them nice and soft we can do the following 

         Keep a tube of hand lotion by your bedside at all time and remember to apply a drop every morning and evening to keep your skin soft and smooth.

But, if your skin is still very dry this this mini treat !!!
1. Run yourself a warm bath.

2. Cover your hands in oil- olive oil from the kitchen is fine, although manicurists prefer almond oil. Take the time to rub the oil into your nails, too, as it will help them to grow stronger.

3. Smooth on lots of rich hand lotion - it'll create a barrier around the oil and encourage it to sink into your skin. 

4. Now soak in the bath for 10 minutes, allowing your hands to rest in water.

5. When you get out of the bath, gently rub your hands dry, then apply a few more drops of hand lotion. Now your hands should be beautifully soft !!!

Thanks for reading my blog !!! And I hope this was helpful !!!

~Prisha <3

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Claires Sugar High Collection

Hey !!!
Happy New Year Girls !!!!
Today I'll be showing you my favorite glitter polish collection by Claire's .
This one is called the Sugar-High Collection. It has 5 colors and all are awesome !!!

The colors didn't have any names. But all are really pretty

Glitter Top Coat
This one has shiny triangle confetti glitter and small mini glitters. You can wear it over any color. I like to wear it over black, purple and white which lokks like snow 😊

Neon Pink
This is really very cute. It's a neon pink with big glitters.
Generally to save on the polish I wear a neon pink under this one and just give one coat of this and the mani looks fabulous !!! The neon pink is by Claire's in their Sweet Scents Collection.
 Nude Lavender
This is a soft lavender color with soft big sparkles. 
Generally to save on the polish I wear a soft lavender under this one and just give one coat of this and the mani looks fabulous !!! The one I usually wear under this is Forever Liliac 203 by Chambor.
Cute Blue
This is a turquoise blue with bright big glitters ! This is the one I would wear any day I'm feeling glittery :)
Peacock Green
This green is a dark peacock green with contrasting glitters . I absolutely loved it !!! 
Generally to save on the polish I wear a dark green polish under this one and just give one coat of this and the mani looks fabulous !!!

I love this collection !!! This was just ₹750 for 5 colors and I got some free lip smacker with this too !!!
If you're looking for a set of sparkly polishes, this can be great !!!!

Thanks for reading my blog !!!  And happy new year once again !!!!
I'm sorry I couldn't upload my nail design today ! It would be up tomorrow or day after !

~Prisha <3